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hootsuite pro

The Hootsuite Pro is probably the best social media management system our there, with a lot of ready to install apps it makes it much easier to manage your several social media accounts and get the most our of it for your business.

Hootsuite  is an amazing and complete social media management system that will save you time and effort, it’s indeed my best app and I highly recommend it.

Read this Hootsuite Review to see what I am talking about.


Have you came across TweetAdder software? I consider it the best automated Twitter management tool ever. It’s really hard to manually follow targeted Twitter account and unfollow unwanted accounts manually.

TweetAdder make is easy by automating the process, which get you more Followers on Twitter fast and on autopilot.

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Randi Zuckerberg leave facebook Randi Zuckerberg to leave Facebook. Randi the sister of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and director of marketing for the social network, is leaving Facebook to start her own company, Facebook said today.

“We can confirm Randi has decided to leave Facebook to start her own company,” a Facebook spokesman said.

“We are all grateful for her important service.”

FamousBloggers blog said Zuckerberg was leaving to start a “new media firm to help companies become more social” called RtoZ Media.

Click here to read Randi Zuckerberg‘s resignation letter.

How to get followers on Twitter

How to get followers on Twitter

I am getting a new website ready since yesterday, it’s mainly about Twitter, I will be focusing on providing advice on how to get twitter followers fast, and what apps and services you should actually use to manage your twitter account/accounts.

I called the new site get twitter follower, and I will be working in the coming week to provide content and recommendations.

Visit the new site here and start getting advice on how to get followers on twitter.

Have you noticed the new Google Plus Social Network  that has been released right after the Google +1 button?

Google Plus Network is the most interesting network on the internet these days, it looks like Facebook some how but with a few differences, the most difference to me is the social circle feature that allows you to create circles and add friends to it.

Many people think that Google Plus Social Network will effect search engines ranking, but I am actually not sure about that!

If you are not yet on Google Plus Social Network , give it a try today! has a quite good collection of Thesis Theme Skins designs for WordPress blogs. Recently, they have released the new BlogSkin especially for Marketers and Entrepreneurs as it’s ideal for setting up a business blog in no time, BlogSkins comes with Theme Options Panel that allows you to control your blog design elements, hide or display most of your design elements with a few clicks or ticking check boxes.

Here is the Skin features:

  • General Options
  • Social Media Options
  • Multi-Author Options
  • Geeky Options
  • Advertising Options
  • Footer Options

Here is how it’s WordPress Theme Option Panel Look like:

thesis skin option panel

thesis skin option panel

Excellent choice for saving time and just start your business with out having to worry anymore about customizing your blog design! No need to know how to code, it’s really easy to use the option panel and have full control over your blog design.

Read more about Awesome Thesis Skins here.

blogskin thesis skin

During my researches on education, I was thinking about how could media work for education, or to be more specific about that, I would say how social media can work for education.

As we all can see.. The development of media has changed the concepts of education and the way it was before. Social Media has changed Education the same way it did to the journalism and News world by creating the citizen journalist, who can create the news by himself with out any of journalism background or experience, a simple blog post by a beginner blogger could be more powerful than a very tight article written by an expert.

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