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A few days ago, I got contacted by a friend of mine how have been doing online business for a few years now, he is probably one of the rare young entrepreneurs who earns 100K a year from internet marketing.

He told me about a new internet marketing course…

It’s called the  Web Domination 20!

This guy is Michael Dunlop of and the PopUp Domination plugin.

However, Michael didn’t do the course by himself!

I am talking here about 300+ pages of pure content you probably can not find in one place elsewhere, followed by 20 audio interviews with some of the biggest names in the blogging world

top internet marketers

Read more about it on the Web Domination 20 Review.

Also, here is another Web Domination 20 Review with more info.

Note: for more reviews, head to my personal blog, I have a list of awesome product reviews.

If you do product reviews on your blog, then check out the new Author hReview Pro release, it adds Google Rich Snippets to WordPress, this works great for reviews and get you rating stars in SERPs.

google brand pages

Exciting news from Google Plus Network. Google+ Launches Brand Pages today as a way to support local business and brands, I must mention that this is their first test, so this feature won’t be available for everyone yet, but Google promises to make it available soon!

Read more about Google Bran Pages.

Google buys Zagat

Google buys Zagat

Google has increased their influence when they Acquired Zagat.

Now Google Places will be able to provides the most authentic and comprehensive view of where to eat, drink, stay, shop and play worldwide based on millions of reviews and ratings, which Zagat did for the last 32 years.


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google plus games

A huge money making and business opportunity is on the way for Games develoepers who will develop for Google Plus Games, this is the recent new from the new Google Plus Network.

The comptetion is heated up even more since the launche of G+, and Facebook should find a way out of this as Google promiss better prices for developers who will use their API to developer Games for Google Plus and Apps.

google page speed

Google pronounced their new project today, it’s the new Google Page Speed Service , you might want to test your site page load, also sign up now as the service will be limited for only a few users.

Google look into page speed as a factor of ranking higher in it’s search engine, which could increase your business awareness.

Check out more about Google Page Speed Service.

Have you noticed the new Google Plus Social Network  that has been released right after the Google +1 button?

Google Plus Network is the most interesting network on the internet these days, it looks like Facebook some how but with a few differences, the most difference to me is the social circle feature that allows you to create circles and add friends to it.

Many people think that Google Plus Social Network will effect search engines ranking, but I am actually not sure about that!

If you are not yet on Google Plus Social Network , give it a try today!