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It’s not late to submit your best article to our $1200 worth contest,it’s basically a writing and popularity contest at the same time, means you write an aowsome article and submit it to the contest and then start to promote it to get votes and re-tweets!

Who are the Sponsors:

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Who can participate?

This contest is open for everybody who has the ability to write in our niche and meet our criteria, it’s not limited to our Famous Bloggers Club members, this means anyone can be part or it. even our contributing team is going to participate to our Famous Bloggers contest.

Famous Bloggers

Famous Bloggers contest

Famous Bloggers Club first $345 contest

Famous Bloggers Club first $345 contest

Famous Bloggers Club first contest is going to be a lot of fun, think I don’t have to force anyone of you to do something that he don’t want to do it, it’s all up to your welling to promote the Famous Bloggers Club contest and invite your friends to VOTE for your best blog to win one of the cool prizes of the contest.

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