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If you didn’t hear about the biggest cash blogging contest in the history of blogging, then probably you are living in the middle of no where, this is your last chance to participate and take part of this huge online contest to win one of our amazing cash prizes.

Just want you to know that the last day for submitting articles is 14 July 2010, let me give a hint about our cash prizes that we will give to 20 winners:

  • First place wins $750
  • Second pays $300
  • Third $200
  • Fourth through Tenth place prizes – seven of them – of $150 each
  • Eleventh through Twentieth place winners – total of ten – $100 each

Check out our amazing entries in the contest so far, we call it the blogging comments folder:

The Biggest Blog Commenting Folder in the History of Blogging:

1 – The 4 Irrefutable Laws of Blog Commenting By Tia @bizchickblogs

2 – How to Obtain Comments on your Blog? By Stephanie Smith @lambdakennels1

3 – The Clever Lazy Blogger Who Created Thousands of Links by Andrew Peel @Andrew_Peel

4 – The Art of Leaving a Comment by Precilla Sedney @PrecillaSedney

5 Don’t Leave Your Blogs Success Up to Blind Luck by Paul Novak

6 – The Critical Keys to Start A Conversation With Your Blog by James Pruitt @IMRelations

7 – Get Comments That SAY Something! by Lindsay @gamommy2two

8 – Strengthen Your Article Marketing With CommentLuv Links by Kristi Hines @kikolani

9 – How to Invite Readers to Comment on Your Blog? by Agent Deepak @AgentDeepak

10 – 5 Ways to Effectively Promote Blog Posts, by Devesh @tnsblog

11 – Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ when Commenting, by Eve @evelester

12 – Why I Love ComLuv, by Ariff @ariffshah

13 – 5 Ways to have a Unique Comment System on your blog by Ben Lang, the @entrepreneurpro

14 – How Participating In Contests Can Help Your Blog Gain More Traffic, by Joanne @jmc1871jc

15 – You’re only as Good as Your Comments, by Gautam Hans, the @virtuosoblogger

16 – How Leaving Comments on Blogs Related to Your Site Sky-Rocket Your Business, by Mirko Gosch @MirkoGosch .

17 – A Major Realization With Blog Commenting & It’s BEST Benefit, by Melvin @melvinblog

18 -Engage Readers to Increase Blog Readership by James Pruitt @IMRelations , this is his second entry!

19 -From Soup to Nuts, Driving Traffic with Blog Commenting by Melvin @melvinblog , also this is his second entry

20 -Comment Luv: It’s The Human Condition by Tracy Warner the Mayor of Crazy Town @CTMayor

21 –Let’s Make This a Better Place … Together by Julius Kuhn-Regnier @AndBreak

22 –Building Traffic Through CommentLuv by James Johnston @element321

23 -3 Important Skills for a Blog Commentator by Agent Deepak @AgentDeepak as his second entry

24 -5 Powerful Tactics To Get More Comments! by Kimberly Castleberry @Ask_Kim

Hurry up, read the contest rules, write your article about “blog comments”, submit it to us!

Guest Blogging is a good opportunity for bloggers who wants to promote their blogs and get strong back links to it. By posting your guest post to My Life Thinking you will be sure that you post will to spread through My network.

Why Guest Bloggers are Great for a Blog?

zebida_125_redFinally I step toward my personal website again to bring life to it,  as I didn’t update it since a year back, so I say to my self why not update it with what I like and what I do? will contain different content about blogging tips, web design, development, online services, and some useful tools. I will talk about social networking and the recent social websites that I consider it a good place for bloggers. Continue Reading »

During my researches on education, I was thinking about how could media work for education, or to be more specific about that, I would say how social media can work for education.

As we all can see.. The development of media has changed the concepts of education and the way it was before. Social Media has changed Education the same way it did to the journalism and News world by creating the citizen journalist, who can create the news by himself with out any of journalism background or experience, a simple blog post by a beginner blogger could be more powerful than a very tight article written by an expert.

Read the full post and watch the slide show on My Life Thinking blog

I could make an icon for my community and added it to the sociable plugin, you can see it at the end of this post, on the sociable row of buttons. If you are using Elgg to run your own community and you would like to add your community to the sociable plugin, then you will need this update for the sociable plugin for WordPress. Continue Reading »

OK my friends.. I think My Life Thinking community is ready, I have lunched it for testing, try it out and discover  life blogs community.

Sign-up and start discovering MY Life Thinking Community & it’s featured! I really appreciate what life thinkers will do at the life community by testing it, it will be a great work!

Once you are an active thinkers on My Life Thinking, your blog could be in the spot on the high lighted thinkers blogs. I have already added some of my friends featured blogs from a discussion I had on BlogCatalog.

Here is some thing you can do in a very easy and attractive way:

  • Profile that you can customize the way you like and decide who can view it.
  • Create a group for your blog to discuss about your articles or anything else.
  • Social bookmarking can be done for any page on the web.
  • Twitter profile can be added to your page & also you can update it automatically.
  • Dashboard that will show you all activities on the community.
  • Activity feed.
  • User preferences
  • Blogging
  • photos & files upload.
  • Forums & discussion.

By joining MY Life Thinking you will meet friends who write about the same issues, and you will be able to promote your life blog and increase it’s traffic by sharing related topics and exchange links together.

If you like the community and would like to help, just share it on your social networks so this will help lots of spreading it as it will demand some test that I will not be able to do alone.

Note that MY Life Thinking is beta, feedbacks are always welcome!

I just moved to My Life Thinking, Yes .. I moved from here!

You will find all information you want to read about on the new address.