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Here is a few reviews that I’ve published at WP Leaders, I hope you will find it useful and help you grow your online business.

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thesis themes

I had a great experience with Thesis Theme so far as one of the best theme framework for WordPress, but I had to give it a rating of 3/5 for a few serious reasons, mostly because the world changed and Thesis haven’t change.

Read my honest review of Thesis Theme and get to know what you are buying before actually buying it!

I hope this helps you to make a better decision about which theme you should use on your blog.

Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

Sharing the best deals for bloggers this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these offers are great, and it’s encouraging to buy more great product to boost your business blog, check out these pages for awesome deals for WordPress Themes and Plugins:

Happy Year!

google brand pages

Exciting news from Google Plus Network. Google+ Launches Brand Pages today as a way to support local business and brands, I must mention that this is their first test, so this feature won’t be available for everyone yet, but Google promises to make it available soon!

Read more about Google Bran Pages.

Best Selling Affiliate Products Blogging Contest

Another awesome blogging contest for bloggers and internet marketers, it’s writing and popularity contest in the topic of best selling affiliate product.

This contest has $1250 cash prizes so far.

Contest sponsors

Main sponsors $500 cash prize

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Basic Sponsors $150 cash prize:

Best Selling Affiliate Products contest partners :

The competition has begun!

You really don’t want to miss this chance!

Check out the contest rules and participate now!

google page speed

Google pronounced their new project today, it’s the new Google Page Speed Service , you might want to test your site page load, also sign up now as the service will be limited for only a few users.

Google look into page speed as a factor of ranking higher in it’s search engine, which could increase your business awareness.

Check out more about Google Page Speed Service.