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2015 Dandanah Cafe & Grill New Year Party

One recommended place to spend the New Year’s Eve in Houston is to join the party at Dandanah Cafe and Grill, it’s my favorite place for both hanging out and working on my laptop.

The New Year Party at Dandanah will have two belly dancer shows and DJ Mixer, so I am enjoying this the max 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

Business model based on Thesis Themes

Thesis Themes business has been great experience. I have dome a few designs and created many thesis skins towards business and internet marketing after realizing that my readers are in love with Thesis Theme more than all other WordPress themes.

I began to write tutorials for thesis themes and share my experiences, right after that I got many thesis customization requests and a few clients, but I really didn’t want to work for particular clints that time. I wanted to create a business model based on Thesis Skins, that was a successful business to me.

Check out my Thesis Themes Business post where I share some useful insights for those who wants to enter this type of business.

I do design for WordPress Themes, and I use and test different themes on my blogs, and I know the answer of that question, it’s very simple. ElegantThemes is the best WordPress Theme ever for the following reasons:

elegantthemes for wordpress

  • It’s elegant
  • Full of features
  • Great support
  • And it’s Affordable

Yes! ElegantThemes club has a magnificent WordPress themes design, and every theme comes with the ePanel option that gives you control of everything, and if you need help just ask in it’s awesome support forum, plus.. ElegantThemes is the most affordable theme club.

No surprise, ElegantThemes won the Theme Madness competition of 2011, the competition was organized by WPCandy.

I just moved to My Life Thinking, Yes .. I moved from here!

You will find all information you want to read about on the new address.

Among the four awards announced by the I Witness page “Eyoon Al Moshahed” at “Islam Online. Net” for the best clips, which participated in by the public in 2007 won the first three Moroccan ones, valued at $ 250, while an Egyptian won fourth place.

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The third session of the International Festival of short film and documentary film started in Morocco, embraces the city of Casablanca on April 28, 2008 to May 3, 2008 Events third session of the International Film Festival, the short documentary, under the slogan “the documentary venture” This event will know the functional involvement of many movies coming mainly from the United States, Italy, France, Palestine and the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Iraq and Germany to Morocco by the host country.

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