10 Thesis Theme Toturials, Resources, Thesis Skins and much more

If you need Thesis help, then you are on the right place, I have started to support Thesis Theme for WordPress blogs by delivering a high quality design service, there is a few Thesis customizations in the the market that really deserve it, I believe that my new service will get attention of Thesis users in a very short time!

I have done an experiment after I contacted a few top niche Thesis web designers, I tried to get some opinions about Thesis as a framework, I got great response from them and I created a historical Thesis Theme article, also there it was a nice chance to show case their design work, I even added my personal opinion about it as a WordPress Theme framework.

Here is a few articles and posts about Thesis Theme that I have wrote on my Hot to Blog FamousBloggers.net

  1. What Top Niche Web Designers Say about Thesis Theme for WordPress
  2. Get Thesis Theme Color Skin and Have a Unique Blog Look and Feel
  3. Linkify Twitter usernames, add Twitter Anywhere in Thesis Theme TwitterLink Comments
  4. I Lost Twitter Id field after upgrading to Thesis 1.7, solve Twitter ID after upgrade to Thesis 1.7
  5. Thesis 1.7 is Installed and Running on Famous Bloggers
  6. Thesis 2.0 will Hit the Market with Higher Price for Developer Edition
  7. Thesis 1.7 A New Generation of Website Optimization
  8. What is the Best Page Navigation Plugin for Thesis Themes
  9. How to add a stylish sidebar image buttons to Thesis Theme, get PSD and Sample Files for FREE
  10. How to add Page Navigation to Thesis Theme and CSS Style it using Thesis OpenHook and WP-PageNavi Plugins

I hope you will enjoy these nice resources, hope to continue writing about Thesis and it’s Skins more!


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