zebida_125_redFinally I step toward my personal website again to bring life to it,  as I didn’t update it since a year back, so I say to my self why not update it with what I like and what I do?  Zebida.com will contain different content about blogging tips, web design, development, online services, and some useful tools. I will talk about social networking and the recent social websites that I consider it a good place for bloggers.

Also there will be some materials ready for download such as templates, scripts, and plugins that I have updated with some special minor changes which I use on my projects.

A complete advice from my own prospect and experiences about making money from the advertisements and online marketing, and how can you get more traffic from using the power of networking.

In the coming a few months I will be working on promoting this website, so plz don’t feel bad if I will take it to the max, don’t be offended if I want my website to grow fast. Yes I can say it.. I will promote my own website using all my networks,  that’s why I am inviting you all to join what I call it a promotion campaign for Zebida.com, I will appreciate the help if you link back to it or subscribe to my rss feed to get the latest posts in your email or feed reader, of course this is in case you like what I write there.


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