Join My Life Thinking Community Now!

OK my friends.. I think My Life Thinking community is ready, I have lunched it for testing, try it out and discover  life blogs community.

Sign-up and start discovering MY Life Thinking Community & it’s featured! I really appreciate what life thinkers will do at the life community by testing it, it will be a great work!

Once you are an active thinkers on My Life Thinking, your blog could be in the spot on the high lighted thinkers blogs. I have already added some of my friends featured blogs from a discussion I had on BlogCatalog.

Here is some thing you can do in a very easy and attractive way:

  • Profile that you can customize the way you like and decide who can view it.
  • Create a group for your blog to discuss about your articles or anything else.
  • Social bookmarking can be done for any page on the web.
  • Twitter profile can be added to your page & also you can update it automatically.
  • Dashboard that will show you all activities on the community.
  • Activity feed.
  • User preferences
  • Blogging
  • photos & files upload.
  • Forums & discussion.

By joining MY Life Thinking you will meet friends who write about the same issues, and you will be able to promote your life blog and increase it’s traffic by sharing related topics and exchange links together.

If you like the community and would like to help, just share it on your social networks so this will help lots of spreading it as it will demand some test that I will not be able to do alone.

Note that MY Life Thinking is beta, feedbacks are always welcome!


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