Among the four awards announced by the I Witness page “Eyoon Al Moshahed” at “Islam Online. Net” for the best clips, which participated in by the public in 2007 won the first three Moroccan ones, valued at $ 250, while an Egyptian won fourth place.

Within the framework of the competition which began in I Witness “Eyoon Al Moshahed” December 2007, the results were announced this week by officials of the page selection of the best four shots from among dozens of participants from several Arab countries.

The winning photographs were selected according to specific criteria are; quality images, and the intensity of sightseeing, and the first single, and objectivity in the transfer of the picture.

The beginnings back two years ago, which originated in order to cover the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in July 2006.

Page continued after the war to introduce political and social phenomena through partnerships volunteers from the public, which varied between image files, video and sound.

Why Moroccans are more active and more attracted to monitor I witness page?

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