Rosa Youssef magazine said, the opinion of Sheikh Abd El Hamid Kollab the Imam of “AL Mottaqin” Mosque from khan Younis – Gaza and one of leaders of Hamas, to legalize the killing of Egyptian soldiers, Hamas already is on its intention to open the border and shipped citizens of Gaza in this direction, that is what we know here in Egypt.

And we need to hear it from Gaza people!

Amr Adieb prodcuster of Cairo Today – “Al Qahera El Youm” TV Show, was having tonight a live phone call with Sheikh Abd El Hamid Kollab, and he denied this story completely and blamed Rosa Youssef for it because it disappoint him, and he warned the magazine that he will judge them by Court and it will be sorry for this, and he also said that Arabs are all brothers so how come we will kill each others, and no body can say something un acceptable like this.

The sheikh was very simple and clear!

But we still need to know the truth from Gaza People, any one can tell?


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