A Young man drwon at the Nile River Today

I saw a gathering of people at the “Al Malek Al Saleh” bridge at “Al Manyal”, curiosity prompted me to stop my car and see what is happening …

Another drowned young man in the Nile River, that is what they exist, and the security men looking for the body from 12:00 pm until the time I arrived there at around 02:30 pm, but still can not find the body, and by asking someone from the people who was watching about why this guy sinked? He said that the guy was playing with his friends suddenly faced drowning and never appear again, and his friends now in the Police Station.

I sow his mother also when the Police show her the cloths of her sun, and she said that he was putting this cloths, she was in a big shock crying.

It is in some cases difficult for the police and divers find sunken body, and this is what drives them to wait for up to more than three days until Meditation on the surface of the water.

I still don’t know why kids or young men like this guy who sunk today still want to play on the river side and face their destiny sinking, I think this is because of the lake of Education and Enlightenment.

For Arabic readers only go here.

This guy work for the Police, he is holding the cloths of the guy.

It’s 2:30 pm and they still can not find the body!

Lots of people is watching.

For Arabic readers only go here.


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