Announcements filled the streets of America inviting Arabs for an opportunity of life and get a high salary job with a lot of other benefits.

Words appear on the ads “chance of your life may not happen again” and mobile phone number written in front of the “Contact Mona”.. Mona is of course responsible for young Arabs and convince them to join the American army and explained the many advantages that lie ahead, First American citizenship and lucrative salaries. 
Recognize me as colleagues, so far recruited more than 400 Arab immigrants in Dearborn, mostly Lebanese, they are more than 200 thousand expatriates to work in the administrative affairs American army, especially in the field of translation, but Mona refused to mention the size of salary. She said: It is to broadcast news from a small station in the “Arab” last Thursday night, photo plaque ad in which mobile telephone number, “even fell on the communications from outside and inside, to the point that I can no longer sleep awoke”.
Mona and her group is using a fake names of course, which is not their real names.

What do you think of young Arab guys who seeks this job?
Will you accept join the American army?


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