Algeria.. at the time Advocate of Solidarity with Gaza!


An activist youth organization of an Algerian student dissatisfaction with the manifestations of joy and celebrations spread in Gaza after the recent commando operation in Jerusalem, which was carried out by Palestinian resistance religious Jewish school last Thursday which killed 8 Israelis and wounded 35 others.

The organization which called itself the name of “Youth and Student Movement Algerians” in a statement on Sunday that 9-3-2008: “Movement surprised by the reaction to the killing of children in Jewish schools,” and denouncing wondering: “Where teachings came joy of killing children?!

The Movement also said: “Those to be dancing on the remains – whatever – far from humanity”
 Do you agree with your opinion on that?Is what true movement and we said at the same time call for solidarity with Gaza?
What is the effective way of your point of view to respond to Israel?


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