Arab developers : Joomla or Drupal?

I have read lots of articles about Drupal vs Joomla, and I haven’t use Drupal yet on my projects, but I used Joomla more than once and I am familiar with it. I was always confused about which CMS to use, but now I realized it depends on the needs.

I will publish here a part of the article I like about Drupal vs Joomla:


Thumbs up:

  • Easy deployment
  • More intuitive administration user interface
  • Editing content is simple
  • Lots of polished modules for things like calendars, polls, etc.
  • Easy addition of modules
  • Versioning is available
  • Large community of developers (more than Drupal) for helping with setup and development
  • Multi-lingual

Thumbs down:

  • 1 installation of the software gives you 1 website
  • Categories can only go two levels deep
  • Limited roles and permission allowances
  • Modules cost you money
  • URLs are not search engine friendly (there is a purchasable module)
  • Out-of-the-box Blogging functionality is mediocre


Thumbs up:

  • Easy deployment
  • Editing tabs integrated into actual pages
  • Editing content is simple as well
  • Very flexible in its configuration
  • Modules are plentiful, free, and suitable for non-profits
  • Versioning is available
  • Many high profile sites use Drupal (e.g.: MTV UK, BBC, the Onion, Nasa, Greenpeace UK, Kleercut )
  • Multiple levels of categories allowed along with easily integrated tagging system
  • Human readable URLs which are search engine friendly
  • 1 installation allows you to create and manage multiple websites (very handy when creating campaign sites)
  • Highly configurable user permissions handling

Thumbs down:

  • Administration area is clunky, but it’s getting better with each version
  • Terminology in the administration can be cryptic
  • Adding a visual theme to Drupal can be time consuming
  • Support for the free modules can be frustrating

– – – – – –

I would like to ask Arab Developers about their opinion, and what is the most preferable CMS software they are using?


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