Internet Cable Damaged in Middle East


As soon as the cable damaged and internet users found themselves with out connection, rumors spread very fast and some workers say : what are we going to do if the internet doesn’t came back?!

People think that the internet will take around one week to be on again, and this make it very hard to believe that maybe we will live with out internet for the whole week, or maybe his will take more time.

So.. that why I called a friend of mine, who works in some major Internet company in Egypt and I asked him about the time that we can use the internet again, he told me that Egypt is using the spare cable now until they fix the damaged one, the internet will not be good until the basic cable is fixed, and no one can say when exactly this problem could be solved.

I am setting on my chair on front of my computer, but computers are not the same anymore these days, there is no internet, there is no work to do now!!

Lets see what will happen!


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