It’s a wonderful world, jut imagine that you like the white color, and want to have it everywhere around you, you painted the walls with white, furniture is white, curtains also white, and imagine having your white carpet on the white floor..

Your life is coming whiter and whiter, and everything is so clean, and you start to gain the hard times facing this great challenge, and do your best to keep everything clean.

It’s a story that I heard about a family that white color played a great roll in it’s member’s life , the story cached my attention and toke me through white color, where this family lived.

The wife loves the white color like she wanted to have it everywhere, so she really made a white house, but nobody thought that it was the worst thing she ever did, because nobody wanted to live in a white house, maybe she was the only one.

To keep the white house clean, nothing was allowed, so.. no friends inside the house, not even hers and husband parents, she was the one who visit people, and imagine how the kids was feeling about that, as they always have to play outside and meet friends outside, I can imagine sadness filling this house, if its not empty from everything.

I was not shocked when I knew that at the end of the story, everyone was living in this house became alone, because I imagine how they left one by one, leaving the woman in love with white behind, telling her enjoy your white clean house.

The story was real, but I put the story behind, and still thinking about the white color, and how dangerous it could be to our lives.


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