Talk about illusion and reality of the Internet is becames more understandfull.

I tried to brought the idea of the Internet is a virtual world , it will be fictitious because you wanted it to be. The virtues of this world will be realized when determining the goal and purpose of connecting to the internet.

But now things have become apparent to me more, I do not think that the Internet is now a virtual or fictitious as far as is realistic for those who want a realistic, or it depends on the same resolution in the generation of this world, and this is the idea behind many of the communities online newly generated , which depend on the composition of society through tendencies participants, which is closer to random building from my point of view.

In fact, I wish the Internet come more and more realistic, because whenever approached Internet realism and reality contacted results were better and held, and the Internet has become a tool of tools, I can say communication tool like the telephone or any other means of communication.

And I like to add .. No life on the Internet, the Internet is simply away of connecting, so.. Dont live on it.


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