I was always interested about Online Communities, and the way it spreads on the internet, and of course I pay most of my attention for the results that you can gain through participating on any of them.

Which community to choose ?


I went through lots of communities online, Arab online communities, and even so far to International online communities, and I discovered new world on each one of them, that seems it doesn’t matter what kind of community I choose, and I was fine with that at beginning.


This helped me lots to have the abilities to get benefits of Online Communities, but actually I discovered maybe I was doing wrong by keep myself online handling all these communications and reply to my emails with out getting a real contact and meetings with people I am involved with them doing Online Projects.


The Internet as a Tool


I realized again that the internet is a tool, so .. you can use it, but you can not live in it. I think it’s the time.

And that leads me to think about how to use this tool and link it to real life, rather than being online for long times, I turned to check my emails and give it around one hour of my time every day.


Connect to the person behind the Internet


If you follow this role, you will simply can talk to any person you want through the internet, as so many people would like to share ideas and thoughts, and more who wants to establish and build a good community benefits, and they really understand the internet as a tool.

I will write about this more in the coming time.


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