Open Draw Policy is one of the challenges that you have to face if you had to deal with “any” of the government institutes in Egypt trying to ask for some treatments, or validation for their papers or some approval statements, or even get a new valid car license.

 What a government corruption! 

Government employers and workers who used to follow the Open draw Policy says that they are suffering from lake in their salaries, and this policy is the only way to fix their money problems, and they believe in this policy thinking its their legal way to have money as they do services for citizens, and they say this will never end. Actually, so many times if you don’t pay, simply you don’t get the service witch is your right, and they will give you some problems in your papers or request to send you a way back home and make you know that you should have some extra money in your pocket to fill their empty pockets, or Draws. 

What a shame!


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