Some of you will say this is a big risk, and yes I agree, but particularly I found it more interesting and exiting to learn during work, instead of learn to be ready to work.

Basically, the internet give me a great help, since I am working on web design and other kind of projects related to computers and internet, I thought I should be a good internet user my self before beginning working on anything, and this made me like crazy trying everything under the name of internet, specially online communities that easy to found and participate.

At beginning everything was random, but step by step it came much more organized, and I was imagining that the main problem about work is how to do it, but I realized that there is lots of ways to do and finish the same task or job, and the most difficult thing is to make a deal and catch a nice flying project and put it in your small cage and then think about how to do it, or if you can not do it by yourself then simply pass it to someone who can do it, by following the rules of business men.

Good things are not easy! 

Yes.. Good things are hard to establish, but I like to establish things, I like to build, I like to create.. And I think I can be creative, but what is the next step? The next step was to learn, but what kind of learn?  I asked my self this question so many times, and I never found an Ideal answer, but in this article I wanted to tell you what I did from my little experience on learning, I call it Learning Live.

Learning Live is one of the greatest skills that I have acquired from working online, instead of reading boring books and studying for long terms before involved in projects, I just decided to start from where people ended, so I rarely say “It’s a waist of time”, and just involve myself in work and designing projects and learning during work, I think this could be a part or some kind of Informal Education, its my great pleasure in this life.


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