I wake up this morning, and sit to read news on internet, after surfing for a while I read a post , someone was asking: Why brown people get offended when someone call them brown?

It was an innocent question, that’s what I thought and my curiosity make me read more. I find someone answer like this: for your information , we are not brown , we are African American.

Brown’s are Mexican’s 🙂 and replying to this African American , a Mexican reply… For your info, we are not just brown, in Mexico u can find yellow, brown, white, tan, dark eyes and colored eyes.. etc. And the same Mexican guy replied to the guy who was asking nice. They got offended because they are not brown, maybe dark, dark brown , or black or Negro.

An American lady reply too. the only advice I can give is keep yourself very far away from them they are dangerous people. I smiled for sure 🙂 and thought the first guy was asking in a nice way. The lady African American answer they are not brown, Mexican’s are brown. The Mexican was explaining something, and the American was giving an advice .

As u can read ,the first two ,the African American offend the Mexican’s, the Mexican offend the African America, and the American just shoot without thinking if she offend or not.

The guy , was , just asking a simple question.

Is this racism or not?



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