Christian’s Prayer.. Who’s mistake?


I went back to Egypt, this time i stayed for three months, not enough time , to learn all about Muslim religion, I learned how to live as an Egyptian . and introduce myself to Islam , i find lots of difference the way to pray in Islam, and the usually prayers as Christian Catholic , not comparing religions, with all my respect.


I find myself feeling great , the person who teached me but never pushing me, teached me good . the thing was ,at the beginning i have to confess , i didn’t understand well, because language problem ,praying in Arab ,speaking in English,and thinking in Spanish , is kind of difficult
to concentrate well , i did my best to concentrate in Arabic and English only.


I have to confess also , i was having doubts, all my life been “Christian Catholic”, how come i will change my religion , just because i feel good , or because I heard comments ,What comments I am talking about?


About Christian Catholic religion. As Christian Catholic, i have no idea when this changed ,before we called our self’s Catholics only.
When someone asked about what religion i belong. last time i attend to a church i hear the priest say we are Christian Catholic. So.. Ok no problem, a Muslim told me, that we are wrong on what we say.
what we say?


That we believe Jesus is God, I discussed we don’t say Jesus is God .
He insist you say it, I say no, so forget it. As i say before , i don’t like to talk about religion.


I continue practicing my prayers, as i didn’t learn Arab enough to pray alone,i always needed someone with me to pray, so time came and I decide to be a real Muslim everyday passed i start knowing more and reading i knew i was blind and i.m on the way to the truth, I want to be a Muslim for so many reasons,not only because i find this what i will tell will next, which is important for me to tell now , is.. I was needing to pray so badly, I was not feeling good, I didn’t want to ask for help .


I decide pray by myself with out help.
In my own way, Allah Akbar”Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem” (In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful).


And stopped, because i forgot the rest of the pray 😦 , so i continue like this, Oh Alla please forgive me, I don’t know how to pray as Muslim , please allowed me to pray as I know, because I need to pray, and continue my pray. Our Father you are in heaven… and so on, second part , Saint Mary God’s Mother…




God’s Mother!!!! I was surprised , I find myself telling God’s Mother??? Mary was Jesus Mother not God’s mother, all my life i was praying that? how come? can not believe it, it was a shock for me.

I discusses few times this, we don’t say that , we say this, and now i find , that yes somehow, we say Jesus is God
when we pray as Christians.and we ask to Saint Mary to beg for us, and Jesus is our father ,what else ???
Lots of confusion’s but the most important thing about all this,I can tell my experience to others. Now i like to talk about religion ,my religion as Muslim and learn more and for others to learn too.


A message who read what i wrote:


It’s just my experience of course everybody have his or her own experience and is very respectful.




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