IslamOnline Made a very smart Action, when they decide to Move the Media to another level by collecting content from the internet users from all over the Middle East, and reached the depth of the Streets.
There are two different pages, one of them provided in English, and the other one is provided in the Arab Language.

The concept behind these pages is that you lead the Media to publish articles about something you focus on, which can be any topic, and bring the content from real users with real stories that supported with photos and videos. And the Arab page focusing now on The Streets, and what is interesting out their, and what you like and dislike. Since the page went online, it was focusing on several topics, some of them are related to events, like Elections, Ramadan, and other Topics was decided by the working team as they see its useful.

What’s the problem?

Here I will not talk about the English I Witness page, but I will talk about the Arabic page, because what I find interesting is that the whole page stands on human work, and they are using the same old way to communicate to have your articles, photos and videos published, things works by sending emails to the Editors of the page, so.. you can imagine now how hard is it to send all materials by email, I think you should sign up with some websites that give you some tools to upload your videos and then send URLs, and I find this a complete point against this kind of Media work.

The rule is give the use abilities , the right tools, and more services and you can get more from him. This doesn’t exist yet on the poor page, and users have to a part of other communities so they can provide the page with the right articles and contents.

What to do?

I would like to see one of those community building website program running on IslamOnline’s I Witness pages. I thin it’s a quit good idea to have a different community service, it will bring out too much content and help lots of people shout out what’s inside of them.

I would believe that smart people who play the symphony of WordPress can come out some Open Source program with something nice to solve this problem, and give the choice for others to share it.


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