America’s first look of Islam


     Memories come to my mind being in America, when I was in Egypt someone asked me, what is your religion? I was speechless for a moment. What to say? Christian, Catholic or what? I believe in god, and I asked myself 🙂 what’s my religion?

No answer

Another question this person asked me, are u seeking for the truth?
What truth? This was in my confused mind 🙂 I was not seeking anything, no truth , no religion to seek. I was needing peace in my heart and soul, anywhere here, there, everywhere. confused more than before, but this time praying to God with all my heart to give a rest to my soul .

I asked someone who knows about Muslim religion more than me, this…

What you think about Muslim religion? This person told me, I read the Quran and is the nearest to the truth, but I will not go that far.

i asked why? and they answered me, simply because I don’t agree with silly things like wear Hijab and cover you body from neck to toes.

What’s wrong with that? A women who is not Muslim finds this uncomfortable. It is that, a reason enough? I was living for one month in Egypt using Hijab and covering myself from neck to toes without feeling uncomfortable .then I realize that I’ am doing wrong.

Why I’m asking !I should not ask what people think about Muslim religion, since I felt the peace on my heart and soul when I hearted that man in Egypt street’s ,while I was feeling peace and resting my soul with the people i was living that time, A year passed…..and i went back to Egypt….


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