The First Look To Islam

My Experience

I will start saying that, as a normal Christian , or catholic, i believed in god , i try to do my best in this world , i believe i do good , without seeing , that’s by nature, since i can remember, i attended church ,and prayed, and believed in what i was praying , without thinking.


Most of my life i was focused on praying the same thing over and over because it’s what you know, what others taught us, and believed in. everything was fine, easy to pray , easy to remember the prayer being that it is in my native language, which is great ,at a very early time in my life, i started to forget about prayers , because problems came into my life, and no time for prayers, not even to remember about them.


i stopped attending church ,and after that , i forgot about prayers and god too, messing with my ideas, the good and the bad’s, live this life as it comes ,do good and keep yourself away from bad, and forget about it.


Sometimes , people like to discuss about religion, i don’t like that much, because is like a NEVER ENDING STORY.


For some time in my life i was not caring for religions . but i always believe in Allah or god.


I meet Muslim people , and that time, I tough i respect them, what they believe and that’s it.


I’m not into prayer’s or religion anymore. i thought they believe in Allah, i believe in god. is the same ,so that’s enough.


Time passed, and i had the opportunity to travel to Egypt. at Egypt , i visit historical places ,i meet lots of people , everything was great , but what took my attention , was Egyptian’s and religion, I saw a guy ,singing to Allah. I didn’t understand what he was singing, to my ears sounds good, and i asked , what he is singing, because i was feeling great by listening, knowing that he is not a singer:) they told me , he is singing to Allah, at that moment i wanted to stay in the place , to hear him singing more, but i couldn’t, and no chance for me to know more about the religion .


Everyday at certain times i hear also someone voice speaking on microphone so the whole people will hear , i didn’t know about what was going on with that, but i find it good too to my ears. I asked again , they told me is time for pray.


I came back to America, my reality again, do what you have to do and forget about it. but this time i came with something new.


pray more often and be near to god. this changed my life.


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