Design Websites using WordPress

I decide to use WordPress to make all websites in feature, its not too easy, but makes life much more easier latter, specially working with Templates, I should say I enjoy doing it, and I will talk about it often.
This time I will talk about it in general

So.. First thing to know if you wanted to build a website with WordPress that its very important to use the right template that will match your needs, and be sure it has widget options, to make it easier for you to edit it. And also make sure that the design is near to what you want, because almost templates that I sow will not match your needs, it only can be close to what you would like to have, and you should have the ability to redesign it the way you like.

After you setup the template and preview it, check the widget tool, and try to put some widgets on your website to preview them through the template, and see if that what you want or you need to fix some things.

If everything is fine, then you start having all the fun playing with the template, and redesign it, just try to keep as much as you can from the original code, and don’t cut it a way with out having a good reason to do it.

Once you finish editing and designing the template, I think you can start with building the website pages, by creating new pages through the admin control panel of WordPress, fixing pages is nice too , but maybe it will need some time to get use to it.

As mush as simple your website is, as much it will easier to handle it.

Make notes is the best thing to do it to have documentations.

I will try to write more about this, and maybe I will have a chance to post some documentations.


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