It was such a great idea to celebrate Ramadan 2007 at 2nd Life, when the IOL’s team were working on a project through 2nd Life to prepare Ramadan Tent, where Muslims and non-Muslims can go through the Tent shows and enjoy the stay specially after having breakfast and they are lazy to go out, sand preferred to stay at home spending some time on their computers and their own virtual life with the soul of Islamic and Arab design.


But the Tent was and still not protected against attacks, after a few days from its launch, the Tent was a target for two attacks. Tow naked avatars show up inside the Tent claming they will control it and remove all Muslims outside from it, then they harassed some female avatars of Muslim Arab women, and they attacked them verbally, which put the Tent a hard time.



Anyways, all Religions are exposed to be attacked, not only Islam, but I still can say it’s a smart move from to break this new world with new ideas.

I have some news about the upcoming challenge for IOL’s team, they are planning for the next step, which is to have another new virtual add by adding virtual Hajj to 2nd Life, it’s a great work, but I hope this time they do something about attackers, otherwise it will be a miss.




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