Babel Talk with the Foreign Ministry of Denmark


   I had a chance to meet Per Stig Møller the Danish foreign Ministry during activities of ADDA 07 group , and discuss about several things and listen to his opinion about the cartoon crises and other things specially about the Danish Arab dialogue, and why he think its important.


Before the meeting we was working as groups on some projects to present to Mr. Møller, so I am going to talk about the project I was involved in, as I work in media field as an Editor of discussion forums, and I have some experience about interactivity online, I decided with my group to work on creating a discussion forum or an interactive website to activate Arab Danish Dialogue, and we call it Babel Talk, we printed out the document to present it in a nice way, by using only one paper printed on both sides, putting all the main goals, rules, sections, working team and some web template design for the forum.


I am exited to tell that brilliant ideas can come to light faster and more easier than complicated once. And thats what happened when Mr. Møller showed his interest in Babel forum project.




I hope we can do a good work on Babel forum, so I think I will write more about it latter to update you, and plz post any ideas or comments you would like to share the group.


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