Burn your car tires


   GearOne is a TV channel broadcasting from Arab Emirates focusing on the automobile industry and all the sectors related to it, you can watch it through Nilesat satellite, I really don’t watch TV these days but I was playing with my satellite remote control until I got this channel, and I was like mmm interesting!..

Maybe because I am car lover and I am crazy for speed I liked what I sow, the channel was showing crazy car race in some Gulf country, the Idea of the race was to burn your car tires in less time than other racers, and you become the winner!


There were so many different brands of cars they use in the race, specially Japanese ones like Nissan, Toyota and I sow one Lexus, and of course four by four cars too.


Arabian Gulf countries are suffering from high rate of accidents, maybe because they have so many free ways, and young people think like “ why we set laws? To break them! “ , and that’s why the Governments has to do something about it, and established these kinds of races for those hungry for speed and crazy young people to discharge the violence from them but this time in a legal way instead of freighting people in the streets with tones of accidents every day.


I think people like the race and enjoy it so much, because I notice lots of audiences around the big square free track they prepared for the race, but maybe you wonder how many tires One can burn during practicing? And that reminds me with a guy I meet in Kuwait, he was one of those racers, and he told me that the racers toke like three pairs of tires every time they go practicing, and the funny thing that he can not drive using his shoe but only barefooted.


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