Globalization and Democracy Edu-Game


   Jakob Earl came with an excellent Edu-Game on Globalization and Democracy, instead of getting bored reading and studying, the game is very interesting and helps you lots to better understand Democracy issues and challenges, and also teach you how citizen and civil society can control the power.




The Game came with a nice big panel and three sets of cards, the game panel is divided to Local, National, Regional and Global level, and in the center of these four levels there is the brain draw, which tell you this is a brain game, and you have to be smart enough to decide the right place for each card you have, unless you will not use it in the game. The card sets are Challenges, Power and Participation, so if we put in mind that democracy has different legitimate forms we will have a amazing results depending on democratic backgrounds of each player.

Start Playing

Fun comes out when you play the game as groups and discuss which challenges are important and what is the appropriate level for each challenge, and how to use Power of institutions to face challenges and under which level you can use this institutions, then its time to learn how civil society can use and change these institutions.

Differences between countries

Its not a must that you will use all cards, because not all countries are facing same challenges, and even those institutions of Power are not working in all countries. This is how you can discover the differences between countries Democracy levels and backgrounds, and also differences between ideal democracy results of the game from the results you get in the real life.

Keep it on the table

All what I can say its amazing game, thank you Jakob Earl, and if any one would like to play this Democratic game the best thing you can do after finishing playing is to keep it on the table, so when ever you look to it you will find something interesting that you can change or learn from it.


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