It’s a great idea to have Folk High School in Egypt, I consider it one of the most exiting informal education edifice in Denmark like Vallekilde, this brilliant idea was first came to mind during discussing at the Arab Danish Democracy Academy (ADDA) 2007, through an open dialogue between 30 young people, they were Danes, Arab and Arab Danes lived together for 14 intensive days.

Informal Education in Denmark

The Educational System in Denmark give the student one year as a stop point after his high school education and joining college, it’s a quit nice time for students to decide what they really like to study in future, and help them to discover their interests. During this free year they can join one of the informal education schools, and start thinking life.

Informal education schools provide a great set of educational programs, you can study since, economy, politics, culture, history, and even arts as painting and music and much more as long as you can discover yourself, and you really know who you are.

Education in Middle East

In too many parts of the Middle East you will find Education seekers facing lots of challenges, and lake of resources, they are lost and very busy thinking what future is waiting for them, and they forgot thinking about how to change things to go better. People don’t know what is their rights, and they need to increase their literacy.

Students don’t decide what higher education they like to have, they are sent to college by their degrees average they got in high school. That means they have less opportunities unless they have high degrees in all subjects they study in high school, which in not fair for everybody. There is no freedom to choose what you really want to study and learn, and that mean student in middle east can say bye to informal education.

My Dream – Folk High School in Egypt

I dreamed about Egypt having a Folk High School . a real place to discover your talents, and decide to grow them up, and have the freedom to learn what you like, and be the person you want to be. I really wonder if this could happen and change the map of education in the Middle Mast.


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